by HopsonReview

This is the Hopson Review. Here you will regularly find critique (both positive and negative) of food and beverage products that are organic, sustainable, foraged/wild harvested, ethical, or otherwise ‘well-produced’. We would like for all of them to be interesting and delicious, but of course this can’t always be the case.

You might find our selection focuses inordinately on kombucha, chocolate, and cheese. While those will appear most frequently, wines, honeys, ciders, and several other things will receive plenty of attention as well. Restaurants and cookbooks will also pop up every now and then.

We travel often, and are always on the hunt for exciting new producers we haven’t encountered before. There are plenty of places we’ve yet to make it to though, so if you have any recommendations, or make something and want to send us a sample, please let us know.

Thanks for visiting.