Hopson Review is a product review blog with primary focus on foods and drinks. Less commonly, we may also review lifestyle products, books, culinary establishments, or other things of the sort when appropriate.

In response to a lack of true criticism in reviews online and off, and in the tradition of classical restaurant reviews, we are not seeking to write puff pieces in exchange for free products or monetary incentives, but rather are seeking to inform our readers as to the qualities of things and places which parade themselves as being equally elite – whether that’s based on sourcing and production ethics or craftsmanship.

Note: While we don’t have the time to produce full blog posts of the quality we demand quite as often as we’d like, we try to make up for it by frequently sharing our opinion(s) on health food stores, restaurants, bookstores, co-ops, etc. through the Google Reviews platform. We’re constantly traveling (currently in the US), and hope our reviews prove helpful in finding the best sustainable, thoughtful, and well-curated resources the states have to offer.

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