Below are listed some related resources you may find valuable in your search for good things.


Latest Good Read:

We Want to Live and The Recipe for Living Without Disease by Aajonus Vonderplanitz – These books are the perfect examples of why we shouldn’t judge them by their covers, or, as odd as it may seem, by the way in which they’re written. The highly controversial Vonderplanitz is in no way literary, but despite that impediment brings forth many new ideas (and ideas forgotten in obscurity) which provide radically fresh perspectives on food and health. His recipes (which range from vegetable juice blends and raw dairy and egg fruit smoothies to exotic raw meat meals) are generally far from mouth-watering (though there are a few choice gems), but provide unique and inspiring foundations for new culinary creations. While Vonderplanitz’s ‘Primal Diet’ (unfortunately named, and often confused with and overshadowed by the Paleo Diet) is about radical healing through nutrition first, and about taste second, the two are inexorably bound together by food itself, and there may exist no other text(s) which so intensely explore the extremes of this relationship than these two. 


Articles and Interviews:

Baby, I Like it Rawfilmed radio interview by Sickly Cat with Mark McAfee, founder of California-based Organic Pastures, discussing the benefits of + debunking common myths regarding raw milk
Farm to Fable
 – Laura Reiley addresses food fraud within Florida farm-to-table restaurants + farmers’ markets in the Tampa Bay Times
Farm-to-Fork Farm Dinner Fiasco – a firsthand account of a private farm-to-table event dinner causelessly raided by the Southern Nevada Health District
The Wild Hunt – on the state of mushroom and other wild plant foraging in an increasingly restrictive legislative environment by Matt Gleeson for California Northern Magazine



How to Fight Desertification and Reverse Climate Changecontroversial Ted Talk in which environmentalist/ecologist Allan Savory proposes that properly [holistically] managed livestock can revitalize deadened grasslands and combat climate change while improving animal welfare
My Mushroom Burial Suit
– Ted Talk by artist Jae Rhim Lee addressing the flaws in our current funeral practices and providing a radical solution through the use of edible mushrooms


Location-Based Resources:

Fallen Fruit – super cute area-specific maps of accessible fruit trees
Falling Fruit – user-editable global map of accessible fruit trees and other edible plants
Find A Spring – springwater locator
Foodwaze – US-based app for finding quality-verified sustainable restaurants and food stores
Real Milk Finder – information on raw milk including state-by-state and international law(s)
Spinlister – peer-to-peer bike rental network


Other Organizations:

Barnraiser – crowd funding for sustainable projects
Ecohabitudeonline marketplace for eco-friendly products by primarily small and independent producers
Eat the Weeds – extensive, single-handedly produced collection of articles and videos providing a wealth of knowledge on a variety of wild plants, edible, toxic, and otherwise
Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund – working to defend the rights of family farmers and consumers, providing legal safeguard against the FDA and associated bodies of governmental power
Good Food Jobs – online job board for those looking to work on the better side of the food industry
Grrls Meat Camp
 – educational retreat for female butchers and those looking to learn
Guerilla Grafters – a San Francisco-based underground collective who graft fruit-bearing branches onto sterilized ornamental public trees
Native Seeds/SEARCH – Arizona-based non-profit native seed conservation organization working to preserve the culinary and agricultural heritage of the American Southwest
Nordic Food Lab – a non-profit and open-source organization performing scientifically-minded creative food research with outlets in film, radio, and essays
Slow Food USA, including The Ark of Taste – colossal international movement promoting slow food in all of its forms; The Ark of Taste specifically works to catalogue endangered plant species + protect biodiversity
The Livestock ConservancyAmerican-based non-profit working with small farms the world over to preserve heritage breed livestock and poultry animals, many of which are endangered or face extinction
WWOOF – (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) international network connecting organic farmers to those looking for experience; an excellent low-cost way to travel and gain firsthand farming experience